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Classic Books in History, Religion, Literature and Philosophy
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Classic Books

Agia Sophia has teamed up with Eighth Day Books to bring you a modest but excellent selection of the very best classics in religion, philosophy, history and literature.

We carry books in many different categories, including Church History, Philosophy and Religion, The Spiritual Life, Biblical Studies as well as Books of Timeless Interest, including classical novels with many titles by C.S. Lewis and his contemporaries.

Come and browse around! We're confident that we have something for everyone and that you will love hanging out in our shop.

Book categories include:

Athletes of Prayer
Biblical Studies & Sources
Books of Timeless Interest
Church History
C.S. Lewis & Friends
Eastern Christianity
Liturgy & Worship
Luminous Lives
Modern World, Science & God
Of Books, Culture & Learning
Philosophy & Religion
The Spiritual Life
Theology & Patristics
Ways of Seeing


Elena Stefarova

Agia Sophia also has icons and illustrations for sale. In particular we are happy to promote the work of a local artist, Elena Stefarova, who graduated from the Moscow National Art Academy and paints in the traditional Russian and Byzantine style.

Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Icons - Elena Stefarova

Elena’s work includes Icons, Illustration, Minatures and Eggs and painting restoration. See her work at Agia Sophia, or visit her web site for more examples of her work.

Elena does take commissions for work.

Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Icons - Elena Stefarova

Father Luke

Father Luke was born in Colorado Springs and graduated from Palmer High School in 1991 and later from Amherst College, MA. He began drawing at an early age at home and studied at Bemis School of Art. He studied classical painting with artist Graydon Parrish while in Amherst and for two years at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1998 he was received into the Orthodox Church and lived from then on in monasteries in Russia (2 years) and on Mt. Athos, Greece (6 years). In 2007 he was tonsured as a monk by Archimandrite Elisaios, abbot of the Athonite monastery of Simonos Petras. Currently he is residing in Colorado Springs.

You can find examples of Father Luke's work on display here at Agia Sophia, or learn more here:

Father Luke does take commissions for work.

Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Icons - Father Luke
Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Illustration - Father Luke
Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Illustration - Father Luke