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Mon - Sat 8am ~ 9pm
Sun 1pm ~ 7pm
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Review Excerpts

This is probably the greatest place on Earth. I love having double dirty chai in a hand-thrown tankard mug with their logo on it. This place is a must stop if you’re in Colorado Springs. The ambiance is amazing, the food is to die for and the service is great! Heaven meets Earth. So good!
This place is serious. Not in a boring way and not in an intimidating way. Just in a solid and deep way. They make very good food and they take their time to make it right. They sell excellent books and they limit the selection to books that address timeless issues.
The best thing about Agia is that proceeds from this cute little place go to charity, including the Dale House, a halfway house for troubled teens. Its easy to feel guilty shelling out three dollars for coffee in this economy--go to Agia and plunk down the cash and you’ll actually feel better about yourself afterward.
This happened to be the place I went for my boyfriend and my first date. He called and asked if they would stay open after closing for what I found out to be his proposal. They were more than accommodating. They allowed him to have flowers ordered and placed them around “our” table upstairs. I loved it. And needless to say, I said YES!
This place is getting 5 stars alone for the wireless internet access. According to “speedtest dot net” both download and upload speeds were usually over 20 Mbps.
This is a rare gem - what coffeeshops used to (and should) be like. I can’t say enough about all the things this place has going for it. The coffee is very good. They serve french press, with a timer should you wish. Enough said. They serve it in real mugs (which also happen to be probably the coolest mug you will ever drink a coffee in).
Agia Sophia Coffee Shop - Upstairs


Book clubs, study groups, men’s groups, business meetings, Bible studies… Agia Sophia is small group heaven! The Samovar Room is a private room available by reservation which seats 10 people and we have a larger semi-private room which can seat 12 to 15 people.

Our excellent coffee, teas, and a luncheon menu is available… or for a unique flair to your meeting you can have a Russian Samovar tea experience for the whole group! The room is available for reservation anytime during open hours.

Holy Theophany Orthodox Mission

Holy Theophany Orthodox Mission meets at Agia Sophia every Sunday at 9 a.m. to celebrate the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Christian Faith. For more information, visit their web site, or contact Fr. Lawrence by email at